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The following questions must be completed 30 days before the show. These are specific to the venue and what is available for the tour on D+S show day.

Once this form has been filled out D+S production will follow up with a date and time to schedule an advance summary call.

Please submit answers to the following questions in a subsequent manner respective to the question number. All fields are required. Use "N/A" if the question does not apply.

Please fill out all the fields below

Tour will coordinate arrival/departure times with the venue production manager and head of security in advance.

3. Venue Local Sports Team Affiliate

4. Venue WiFi

5. Indoor/Outdoor Performance?

6. Will Venue use tour credential for Pit access or does it need to be a venue credential?

7. Loading Dock Address / Address to Backstage Entrance for touring party vehicles?

8. Any venue requested events happening before/during/post show that would effect the tour and our day of show schedule? (events, fireworks, emcee’s, announcements etc.)

9. Venue Merchandise Shipping address and who should be listed as the recipient?

10. Venue Merchandise Split % Notes to be confirmed?

11. Will Merchandise be sold by Venue reps or the Tour rep?

12. Can venue provide and confirm an IV Treatment Service to be on standby for DOS? (Please confirm timing and costs associated)

13. Can venue provide Filtered Water Stations for the touring party in the dressing room compound, catering, loading dock, and bus compound? (Please confirm timing of setup, how many stations, and costs associated)

14. Can venue provide clearly marked recycling stations to be in dining area, near buses in the AM, and throughout the backstage compound?

15. If the tour wants to order food to venue (Uber Eats, etc.) what is the best address to use?

16. Does the tour have access to an artist comp VIP suite for the show? If yes what is the suite number/location?

Box Office Notes

1. Are there Multiple Box Office Locations, or only one?

2. Where will Artist will call be located for guests? (gate, nearest intersection, Landmarks for instructions)

3. Is there a specific window that artist guests should be directed to? (Please provide info)

4. What time does the box office open on show days?

5. Does the Venue have mobile ticket capability?

6. Hard tickets for Artist comps need to be pre-printed and available at load-in.

7. Box Office to close at 9:00 PM (required by tour)

8. Schedule and distribute scan counts every 30 mins to TM from doors to top of show (required by tour)

Day Of Show Schedule Notes
(Tour will provide a standard day schedule with set times)

1. Advertised doors time that has been communicated to fans at points of purchase?

2. Chair set time on the floor?

3. Time barricade will be set?

4. Early Entry Activations Notes

5. Is venue prepared/equipped to open “Soft Doors” to the concourse only, if required?

6. Venue Curfew Notes

Venue Runner Notes

1. Standard head count and start times for runners?

2. What limitations are there on working hours?

3. Are runners paid hourly or on a day rate? Please provide info on costs per hour/day rate.

Venue/Local Primary Contacts

Runner Contacts to be provided in advance

Please answer all of the questions below.

1. Is there a washer/dryer available for the tour use?

2. Is there a gym/workout facility on-site and available for the tours use?

5. Can the venue arrange offsite gym access if there is nothing available onsite?

6. Are there running/walking trailheads accessible from the venue w/out a runner escort?

7. Can the venue arrange a tee time at a local golf course? (Private courses are preferred. We are happy to offer tickets in exchange for a tee time)

8. Does the venue partner with any local coffee shops, eateries, pet adoption facilities or misc. experiences that would want to set up at the venue on show day? (What is the cost associated?)

9. Any recommended local sight seeing, coffee shops, or things to do while in town for the touring party?

Venue Dressing Room Notes

1. What are the total number of dressing rooms available to the tour with a Bathroom+Shower?

2. What are the total number of dressing rooms available to the tour with bathroom only?

3. How many dressing rooms available without bathroom or shower accommodations?

4. Which dressing rooms are typically used as a star rooms (Headliner/support)?

5. What dressing room is typically used as Tour production?

6. What dressing room is typically used as touring promoter office?

7. What dressing rooms is typically used as a lady’s room?

8. What room is typically used as an SFX room (No Carpet)?

9. What dressing room is typically used for early entry VIP activations (accommodating up to 30 people)?

10. Are dressing rooms furnished? If yes, with what on a standard show day?

11. If dressing rooms are not furnished, are rentals available? What is the deadline to request furniture and the costs associated?

12. What are the costs associated for shower/stage towel requests?

13. Dressing Room related notes the tour should be aware of?

Please answer all of the questions below.

1. How many docks are available for the tour?

3. How long does it take to turn on/off house lights and are there any restrictions tour should be made aware of?

4. What does the push to stage with gear from the loading dock entail?

5. Are there any loading notes the tour should be made aware of?

6. Can the venue provide cable ramps for the exposed portions of the snake run from stage to FOH?

7. Will the tour be able to have an air hold on HVAC in the arena for the top of show?

8. Is pipe and drape available for tour use? How much and what is the cost associated?

9. House Curtain System Available to the tour?

10. Are there DB limits at FOH?

11. Barricade Available in House?

Local Labor / Stage Hands

1. IA Local or Name of Labor Company?

2. What are the Local Crew Hour minimums and overages?

3. Are department heads working or above the call?

4. Do loaders roll into hands?

5. Are there any fees incurred for local crew? (Hotels, PD’s, extra days, etc the tour should be made aware of)

6. What is the deadline to submit labor call to make adjustments if necessary?

Tour will provide vehicle counts for headline artist, support, and merch.

3. Are shore power hookups available to the tour?

4. Are water hookups available to the tour?

5. Can the venue provide (10) spaces to be used for artist guest parking?

6. Are there any restrictions for running generators?

7. What is the earliest/latest access the touring vehicles have at venue parking location?

8. Is there any local permitting required for touring vehicles to obtain to access to venue / stage at venue?

9. Are there any parking related notes the tour should be aware of?

10. Where does the merch truck typically stage for the duration of the day?

Please answer all of the questions below.

3. What room is typically used as a dining area for touring crew?

4. Is Ice available onsite?

5. Can venue confirm they have acknowledged the dietary restrictions and allergies noted in the catering tech pack/advance?

6.  Can you provide contact information for a local food truck/restaurants that the venue has worked with for post show?

Please answer all of the questions below.

3. House photographer requesting to take photos of the performance?

4. Are there any radio stations affiliated with the show onsite? Where are they located and what station if applicable?

5. Is there a request for local emcee prior to any of the support/headline sets?

6. Are there any interviews that have been requested through the venue/affiliated partners?

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